To describe my music ... is impossoble, however, the text, which o present further, will help you to
form an idea about it!
My music is not limited to frames of one direction ... it is above fashion and sterams. Its musical
style ... is a prism of tranformations of my attitude ... towards different cultures and streams ... to
something original and fresh ... but popular also! A new direction, ... it could be characterized as
a pop-fusion! It is a totaly new view, ... to a well coordinated clavier, a combination of
contemporary and classic thought, ... where the procedure, ... the spontaneousness, ... ae its
basic moving forces! One of the characteristic signs of style, ... the polyphony, ... however in
proper dimensions!
This musical stream hold within it a wave, ... of avant-garde, ... acoustic range and aims to
correct fake tastes and preferences, ... offering a new musical formula that helps to unite all
It is the music of the future, ... the music that sees into the New Age, ... - bright, clear, transparent
as a spring, sometimes romantic-sad, representing thw world of the past, but always ... deeply
optimistic, happy, ... that takes us to the level of Eternity!
It is rhythmic, ... it gives birth to a head-spinning dance of soul, to the victory of Being. This music
has also a spacious dimension, and because of thw energy of live Speech, has the power to give
Faith even to those, who did not study thw art of listening in school!
It is a music that breathes Love, and its Speech is full of Faith and Hope!