Syncopation                Μάρτιος 1995


Στίχοι-Μετάφραση-Προσαρμογή : Κωνσταντίνα Μιναχείλη


Running through gloomy trees

Seeking the way though purple forests

Can’t find the reason

Maybe the season

Withers my pallid lips

My expectation, in desperation

Dark-colored veils prison my thoughts,


And the roads, cold and naked winters sweep

All my life and all my feelings…

The shadow play, the rivers stay so far away

No hope to find – no tree no mountain to hide …


Loneliness burns my dreams

Sinking so deep, my inspiration

Music forgets me

Moonlight deserts me

Secretly comes and goes

To think of solution, ‘s only an illusion

The nightmare is just playing with me …