Στίχοι : Mac Allen

Μετάφραση-προσαρμογή : Κωνσταντίνα Μιναχείλη


You are my tight string, you’re my sweetest inspiration

We will never be able to do out best to drink love to the bottom

Love is an eternal moment, crystal clear like a stream

Fascinating as captor, vivid like a dream!


And if your heart is longing for me

Our secret love awaits you: spirit and flesh turned to wine!


You came in time, to revive me from the ashes

You awake the creator you can charm a stone with your aura

Filled with admiration, I brought my hopes back to life

With your delicate essence, darkness turns to shine!


My love,

This is what we are: two dreams

Destined to come true

That’s our Rendez-vous, our bridge

To a new future:

To another more crystal world!