I hope


Music by Mac Allen

Words by Chronis Pavlidis



My love, since youve been gone away,

Lifes not the same now,

Ive tried to heal my heart and soul,

You are my hope.


Keep faith, hope will die last

Lets risk,

To bring love in our hearts,

Our souls cry loud.



I hope, that my soul will heal again

Hope, so such I suffer I cant stand to pain

Till the end of time with you my love by my side,

I dare to dream, you are my hope in life,

So, change your mind and come back.


Again my love lets win this fight,

I hope, our love wont die please keep the faith alive!

With no fear, with no tear youll be near, I can fight,

Ill survive Ill be fine, I wont mind, I will shine,

With you my love by my side.