Στίχοι : Mac Allen

Μετάφραση-Προσαρμογή : Κωνσταντίνα Μιναχείλη


With all ornaments aside I’m playing preference with you

You prefer to play poker but I don’t know why

You can see me with my coach driving fast on the streets

You have also one but it stands still under a bridge….


It’s happened a lot, gently, I opened my coaches’ door

And you wanted so much to get on

So hard but you didn’t manage

Through the window – was your biggest fault


No I won’t play my last card, yeah

I was so thrilled, and now I’m empty

It’s difficult to understand

After our stormy love affair, I’ll take my mighty pen.


Try a little more and see the light of truth!

Deep inside of you

Skied are always blue

What we feel is true

True like music

In bad times

And good times, too …