“Coral Island”                   Οκτώβριος 1995


Στίχοι-Μετάφραση-Προσαρμογή : Κωνσταντίνα Μιναχείλη


Without it’s line, I’m lost in time

Turn back the clock, cross the sea

Fly high but time runs, hurry

To see, and feel:

Gold around your eyes it’s there where

Human race revives, lies:


An earthly paradise, smelling so sweet

A costly Ithaca, all you attempt to meet

There, every single moment is an experience of life

Your nature’s breathing, and you revive…


Play, stay with me, Fly, high with us

Come! Join our souls dancing on

Reggae music!!!


There, where people welcome you by laying hand on heart’s place

There, where people talk while looking deep into your eyes

They don’t speak to God they just adore him through their actions

Keeping precious every single moment they share

Moments of love! Sunsets and dawns are praising the God!

There I will find … my other half

Explorer of my coral island in your eyes,

Love revives !…