Carnival  9/5/1995


Στίχοι : Κωνσταντίνα Μιναχείλη

Μετάφραση-προσαρμογή : Κωνσταντίνα Μιναχείλη


There is a place I use to hide

It seems unknown but it’s so close to mind

Diamonds of planets, shinning for me …

I’m scared t death when I touch them.


There is a place miles away from you

I run to find the peace of my childhood

Endless fields of bluebells waiting for me

To ting on my ears, to remind me,

Moments I thought I’ve lost …


The day the carnival begins

At night the fireflies dance till sunrise

Don’t they know that after joy comes the grief?

It’s always that something it’s the wheel of life …


Wheel of life, break the chain take me there, in Brazil, Carnival!

It’s there, the weight of your glamour

So strong, a part of a fiesta

I thought I’d always be alone

But something breaks my chain …