Allen Mak-Mak (Mac Allen) (1957 - 2009) as to his education - professional
solist - guitar player, graduated from the State institute of Variety art in Tbilisi.
The teacher of Allen was genuine master, splendid musician, professor
Vladimir Georgadze, who inculcated an Allen a liking for music.
After graduation from the Institute in 1986 he began his active teaching and
creative activities. During a number of years he toured with the band of Black Sea
steamship line and gave "Resital" in the countries of Europe, Latin America,
Canada, Japan and other countries.
In 1986 he founded his own group "Mankombo" at the Georgian State
philharmonic Society, and from this time his composer and poetical talent came to
light. In 1990 Allen was invited to Tbilisi TV where was shooting a film about his
creative work called "The Mellody of Love".
Alongside with beloved authors (Paco de Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar, Jorge
Cardoso, Manuel de Falia, David Reis, Agustin Barrios, Matos Rodriguez, Sergio
Abreu) the prominent place in his repertoire took place his own compositions.
In 1991 Allen Mak-Mak immigrated to Greece - his ethnic motherland.
Here he was busy with teaching, using his own original method "Advanced
music system". Alongside with this he took part as performer in prestige musical
clubs ("Milo") and performed works of H.Hancock, C.Santana, D.Brubek, C.Corea
and also his own jazz compositions.
At the same period Allen met his idol - Paco de Lucia, who highly appreciated
his professionalism.
During last years Allen more frequently addressed to eternal themes,
pondering over the place of man in this world. In such a way he came to the
project "Trinity and Faith - Hope - Love".
Being a deeply spiritual person he concentrated all his many - sided talent
on confirmation of Christian values.
The project was fully completed in poetry and in music but to carry it out
Allen had no time. There is enormous material requiring practical realization.
It was his Dream!